Thursday, June 5, 2008

it rained today

It Rained Today- Kaveer

It rained Today, no storms, no breeze, no thunder, no lightning, it simply rained today. Strange but it rained today.

I was sitting in my room, starting the day with good thoughts with a study book in my hand thinking of scoring good marks and getting the best job and making my parents happy/proud (whatever they choose to be) .just after studying 2 pages my mind forgot about the last 2 pages (It was very constant after every two damm pages, i wondered which of Newton’s law worked here ).It was ten hours later i realised , i had studied nothing and i was in terrible brain disorder called stress. Things were crazy no more did i want to make my pop and mom happy i just wanted to pass (if not the same pop will kick me out off the house).

I kept on thinking what and how to study all the while, and all the planning took so much time that ,the execution of plans did not happen (timeout ,GAME OVER) ,mom called out loud and clear for dinner, i thought it would be great to have some food and watch some cricket (basically have fun). The dinner was served the usual dal roti and rice including some green vegetable which i simply loved (had no option) and that day the cricket team i supported had to get out at 68 runs only, what worse can happen on this day (I already announced it as the worst day of my life).

And then i visited my books again as soon as i touched them the magic worked they had a great chemistry (Who?) ,ya my mom’s food and these boring text books ,nothing can work better as a team , i was snoring already and then suddenly when i woke up the time was 11:00 pm ,i was terrified and told myself not to panic breath normally for a while and then came to the mighty conclusion(blame it on something rule)that it was my rooms fault (the vastu) and need a break from it .so thought the top floor of the building(which we call terrace) was the perfect place to get it started .

Carrying my books (the books were no less than a huge watermelon you can think off ,your thought can be small but not my books) i went upstairs cursing the stupid lift which stops working after 10:00 pm, once i reached the terrace it was breezy and cool very pleasant indeed and suddenly this had to happen, i saw a girl stand on the wall of the terrace with her hands wide open into the air ,seemed like kate winstlet without jack , now i wondered may be that is the reason why she is standing there and might jump off( the thought haunted me more than anything else).

I ran to stop her and pulled her down she was surprised by my move and almost slapped me with anger .but she missed (Who !!! misses a close range slap, but believe it or not she did loose her aim).

She: What do you think you just did, who are you?

Me: I just stooped you from doing a sin and now you blame me?

She: what sin?

Me: suicide!@?

She: Are you crazy?, i was just enjoying the breeze.

Me: Phew!!!(Indeed a bad day), Sorry my fault, It has just been a bad day all unfortunate things are happening to me since morning. i am not able to study not able to do anything right and also have my exams tomorrow.

She: My name is ANGELA. (Phew that was the first time ever a gal introduced herself to me without a million requests)

Me: hi iam me (I don’t feel like giving myself a name ...i like” me”)

She: ok! So whats with the exams??

Me: Haven’t been studying till the last day before exam and now i suffer, i haven’t studied a word.

She: let me see your text book.

Me: Here you go

(Gave it to her and wondered, can she carry that, it was really very heavy and she looked very light and looked in great shape ... and did i forget to say beautiful).

She: I had this subject too; i can tell you what might be important.

Me: oh! Thats great, finally something good is happening to me today.

Angela: It’s just the beginning, you’ll have a great day its already past 12:00 its a new day now.

(She marked few topics and closed the book, and i had already decided to trust her for some reason and study only those)

Me: Thank you soo much, never seen u around are you new to this place?

Angela: Ya i just arrived yesterday to a flat next to yours to bless a new born child

(A tradition where people celebrate the new born, bless him or her and rejoice)

Me: ok, so what are you doing here all alone?

Angela: Nothing, was just watching the sky, it is always beautiful to watch the sky before the day it rains.

Me: What!!! Rain and now in winter, ha ha ha you must be kidding.

Angela: No it will, believe me, angels don’t lie.

Me: Ya right!!! Angels never lie but you do.. lol

Angela smiled

Angela: Do you believe in angels?

Me: Ya i do.Why, don’t you??

Angela: i definitely do, i like angels more than humans.

Me: i like the concept of angels they are very holy nice and a lil more nice, too many movies on them, but still don’t trust it completely. But sure do love the concept.

Angela: lol.. You been studying a lot can see your concepts flowing lol

Me: lol ya i put a lot of effort on trying to study.

Angela: ok study now, ill go back and get some sleep. Good luck don’t worry this will be your best exam ever.

Me: Thank you, and hope your words come true.

Angela: Remember, Angels don’t lie ... lol .

Me: Ya lol.

Angela: bye, take care.

Me: you too, bye.

And then i started studying all the topics marked by Angela and it really was a good day i could study, i studied for long until 6:00 am in the morning then slept for an hour, i felt confident when i woke up and then went to college to write my exam (with just hoping that i could peep into someone’s paper and get some info. and also hoped that the lecturer must have not fought with his wife while he was setting the question paper).

Felt fresh and nice when i reached college, met friends and like always said to each other that i did not study a thing and also told them will tell you about the gal i met last night after the exam.(they were all excited but then someone reminded them about the exam and slammed their desires with a sledge hammer).

Now i was already in the class room and my heart seemed to have changed its ringtone from lub dub to some other unknown metal bands music, i was a little scared wanted to shout out loud and run from the exam hall, but i was sitting silently to the eyes of the world (And ya was more scared of the wicked smile of the lecturer, who was waiting for us to get trapped and loose our life ..He looked like gabbar to me ...must be the kumb ka mela story they both were separated).

So then gabbar i mean the lecturer started distributing the question paper and finally reached me. I closed my eyes and said “please god please no jokes this time i want to pass “.

I opened my paper and saw the questions it were exactly the same topics i studied all of them i felt lucky and i started writing and then suddenly to my surprise ,a abnormal behaviour took place(this time it wasn’t me was the nature) it Rained Yes!!! It rained a drop of it felt my arm, that even made clear that it wasn’t my illusion (not a day dream).

It rained Today, no storms, no breeze, no thunder, no lightning, it simply rained today. Strange but it rained today....

Then a thunder struck in me only to remind “Remember, Angels don’t lie ... lol “.