Friday, January 14, 2011

When a mad bunch Met a Noble Cause

ISCON is the venue I saw on the website, I thought for a while should i? Should I not? for a while then I told myself “ who are u kidding, u dog u want to go .. They give away a free t shirt” yup self motivating me wasn’t really hard.

I stood down the hill and looked up you gonna do all this for a t shirt common will u really climb this hill … yup I did. Reached the top finally found the auditorium and a lot more people wearing black Indiblogger T-shirts ( I knew I was gonna get black t shirts, evil smile). And yup it all started well with samosa and juice ( the mood was set) at the same time I was making sure if I get to talk I aint gonna say anything sleazy .. I was in a holy place .i looked at m watch it was really late but the confidence I had on the organizing committee was immense… they simply would not start without me ( but then they choose to wait for a lil more guests too… n then in the end came the Indi bus .. wonder who was pushing it to glory).

Was quite a good looking auditorium, looked around couldn’t find any who I knew from twitter or from the last meet, so it was pretty much me sitting on the last but one row and staring at some bald heads in front of me ( lights reflected from them and blocked my view, SHINI disco balls I call it). I saw a lot of people with gadgets from laptops to smart phones all flaunting I just had my camera but none looked at it. In a while a voice from behind me said can I take this chair iam really bored sitting alone, why would I say no when I was pretty much doing the same thing what she(Akanksha) was doing . ( I really thank god that she asked me). The chat battle started and we went on for long until the IndiBus finally came in and the show started.

There was a new introduction pattern which where in 60 random people would get to introduce themselves all thanks to Ginger chai, then it got a lil more awesome we got to know how blogging helped to feed some needy kids, felt good … this time Indiblogger meet was just not pure madness it was pure awesomeness. Then we got to eat a great meal from #Akshaya Pathra was proud to know that the kids were fed with good food and wish I could go back to one of those schools ( the thought of me getting into those tiny clothes was not pretty, so canceled the plan)

And then we returned with a filled tummies and full and ready to run down the hill (where else can u get a good sleep). But ya met quite a lot of people who I only knew from twitter, they all came alive from their profile pictures none looked the same though, iam sure neither do I look the same.time to be blamed n to the rest lets blame Photoshop.

Got more gyan from the ISCON guru himself about How. Why, What? all questions were answered and also means while a lot showed interest in how could they help. And then came the Might which inspite of Mr Ginger Chaiz advice was not changed where you actually feel like a bill board and people write on your back while you introduce and get introduced turning the auditorium into a Fish Market (what my English teacher in 3rd grade would say). I had “STICK NO BILLS “ (coz I cant pay my own) written on my back. Met a lot of good people really good for that matter sure was lucky to meet some Indiblogger team too. As the fun was all over the place we were split into 4 teams n sent to 4 corners of the auditorium where we had to discuss about some topics, we got a topic “online harassment” we really did talk a lot in the discussion we were more like a bunch of people who could harasse people online than be the victims of the same. We kindda manage to harasse the group next to us (that was the least we could do).

Finally we had to get back to normal mind zones and the free T-shirt time had arrived I almost ran to the XL size shirts just coz the line was short then realized me and my neighbor would fit in one so settled for L(large). He smile in my face sure was much wider than any other widescreen Tv.

The day was spent wonderfully but then this thought in my head popped how will I reach home, where to catch the bus n all that, But then my brand new friend was kind enough to drop me home .. even if it looked like she had a Eiffel tower in her back seat (I know I have been a lot of trouble).

All ends well with lots of laughter and madness yet a feeling our heart does arise and makes sure it wasn’t just a mad Sunday it was much more than that, truly a helping hand towards the future of our country. Proud to be an IndiBlogger (hope I can call myself that, iam sure I can … believing they are too lazy to sue me). Waiting for my next free T shirt or even Indi pants would do … I have 2 shirts already ;P