Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back Bencher at a Fun Fair

I managed to reach the venue on time (2:20PM like time really mattered). I ran to the elevator as it closed on my face a lady inside tried a lot to press that stupid button which iam sure didn’t help her much. So I stood out along side came a gentleman (did not shave ...did not dye his hair) he introduced me as naveen n he’s from the team (I was still wondering am I late or just too early)..Some how made it to the 7th floor and entered a door which had tea n snacks kept there (for real I saw some empty tea cups and biscuits) but the guy in the suit shhh..ed me away and then I had to enter this scary tunnel which almost gave me a feeling of drain pipes in “predator 2” (surely did not stink). Then at the registration desk a pretty lady asked me to register and like always I took 10mins just to figure out what was my user id in indiblogger but I finally did ( its hard to say no to a pretty lady, Indiblooger team had done their home work).

Then feeling weird about the fact that I knew nobody here was scratching me within all over, 2 guys(one of them BRAND BULL) came rushing to me and said hey how are you dude and all that “remember us from the last meet and much more “(this was my first ever indiblogger meet ). I had to tell them that I was not the same zombie you guys saw in the last meet, but them kept saying your face is very familiar and much more….(do I look like rajnikanth !!! ??? …gulpanag looked nothing like me I was sure about that) Feeling good about people know me or “someone like” me here. Found a seat and sat down feeling a lil better and promised myself I will laugh loud on any joke, then noticed nobody sat in the row in which I sat (wondering what did the guy who look like me did in the last meet)..But then once anoop(ya the guy who wore the undergarment over his shirt ..Brave guy) started talking i knew why, the speakers shouted in my ears like I requested for such a luxury (rotten fate).

Then started the laughter show fun filled which never stopped all the organizers made sure they did not stop tickling us until the introduction session, then came the mighty snore who started it (someone who could play cricket with both hands n legs n more)

Some where really funny others where obviously killers of the mood, I did not want to be boring so kept thinking what good can I say to this bunch of derailed mind holders…made a huge list but then when it came to me all I said was “ I never thought after writing all that crap in the blog we had the balls to meet each other “ (ppl laughed OH common they grinned) I forgot rest of my lines ..i said thank you and settled back in my warm seat. Finally the intro session came to an end ( I did not know anybody, neither did anybody else know me by the end). I was still wondering will they give us the free t shirt which actually brought me here (these guys joked a lot, so it was kindda hard to for me to trust)

Then came a announcement where the prizes for almost anything and sometimes for nothing, Hp really went crazy or where they just cleaning up their old stock not very sure. also came an announcement which said after the meet pay 550/- n drink all you want (and of course when free all that you don’t want as well) but as I don’t booze did not rise my mojo….( why don’t I booze ?… why god why).

Then the hp guy who gave us some free gyan about how the machines will work in the future (killed the printer and reincarnated it …..Almost godly), I guess I forgot to to mention we also got enough gyan on mobile banking I guess it was blogging ….banking blogging what difference does it make when you could not hear much. Then came the interesting part where we had to hang some yellow colors drawing sheets on our back and people had to write something, this is when we actually met people and said hello with a beautiful smile (selfish reasons just to fill the sheets on ur back) , but truly I got to meet some very awesome people like anoop, vineet (the ones who was introduced as pimp in Mumbai) and also lot more who I know them by their twitter handle (wonder why is it called handle …sounds sleazy). And there was tea and snacks as well but that drawing sheet on my neck distracted us from that room (indiblogger surely have done their home work trust me.. they just ordered food for 100 people). But I made sure I get my hands on some chat n tea…I got myself a tea then reached out for a good looking chat a guy comes shouting hey I know you from the last meet ( holy crap …. I really wanted to meet this guy who looked like me and kick his ass …I missed my chat coz of the some mistaken identity chit chat).

Then we had get back to our seats people got prizes for clicking good pictures ( it was embarrassing to hold a Nikon D90 n not get prize ) and I sat there as the discussion continued on the forum what should we have on it and what not it got heated up for a sec and then got back to the chilled mode… we got some more gyan on civil defense which was very informative and also they had ideas on creating a some very good website to stop pollution (all in all a lot more good ideas came poring). A young guy who was special spoke about his journey which was really interesting as well, and then I suddenly ;looked at the guy next to me ..he had like 4 hairs on his head and neatly arranged (it must have taken him hrs to put them in place ).

I clicked some pictures but did not do much with that as well..none have commented on my pictures like always (I feel at home…Thank You) …. And then we had some more laughter and some more serious gyan and finally it all came to an END officially a gal walking next to me woke me up ( I wasn’t actually sleeping but she thought so), and she said “ go get some booze” ..i don’t booze I said ..she said “weird” ( is it my fault that I don’t booze ..god has created me like this ..People understand gays but non boozers). Then my eyes lit was there wat I had actually come for I got the t shirt from the same pretty lady and she said “ what size “ ( dazzled ) large ..i got my t shirt and went home happily with amazing memory of the beautiful event that was Indibloggers meet . a complete worth while those who missed it missed something in their life ( I at least have a free t shirt, don’t argue).

A mighty a THANK YOU for the Inidibloggers team who made it all happen, hoping to meet all you “handsome men”(I feel handsome too) again in the future meets to come …3 cheers to Indiblogger …keep blogging, Keep tweeting ..Keep messing with life ..