Friday, February 29, 2008

Final Destination

The place is spread beyond miles
People live here without smiles

There is no fame, name or shame
No goals to achieve ,no destiny to face

They felt no pain
They know nothing about loss or gain

There is no difference in fate
no fight for difference in right

Nothing in colour all black and white
They lived in peace without fight

They had no reason to laugh out loud
The weather was always calm as cloud

Fun is present in no element here
nobody cried here nobody died here
feelings and emotions were dead before life here

No sign of food here
hunger was nowhere near
no floods no cyclones
they had no language of their own
Then again living was the only reason to live here

Only the chosen reside here
before they realise lifez soo frozen here

people try hard, die hard to reach this place
myth say only the one with good deeds survives the race

to know the right path it would take you lives as much as seven
But let me tell you
People call this place HEAVEN