Sunday, August 3, 2008

A paper from the past

Wind blew in all directions
the paper rocket flew with no emotions
watching it sitting on a rock uphill
my heart was beating beyond my will

Fighting gravity the paper flew happy and free
hands wide open i followed the shadow,before it could flee
the thick dark clouds in the sky would soon stop the fly
blew the wind powered my toy, did not bother to ear my cry
i called out loud for the paper to quit
flew beyond the peaks,the rocket wouldnt sit

The expression in my face was wet
the feeling was killer when i lost my pet
washed my face in the river below
something was different my heart went hallow
the paper was floating on my reflection
like it just flew back to me with some connection

I found my toy again the joy in me regained
the paper had turned into a boat
all it could do now is float
a smile in my face showed dimensions
its now time to float destinations

My paper had already looked across the sky
now its destiny to discover the oceans

We cry and we smile,
happiness found us easily every mile
childhood was fun as stories of robin hood
a paper from the memory says, smile and renew the mood


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