Monday, November 23, 2009



I was at the Bangalore KSRTC bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive i had no place to sit, so had to stand of course ( i didn’t want to choose the sleeping on the floor option). while i was having this unnecessary thought in my head, a guy from the shop behind started shouting at me for blocking his shop’s view i stared at him wondering am i that huge or is he retarded ( i loved my second option, coz if i did choose the first option i had to diet). Actually while i was staring at him i could not help noticing the samosa which looked hot ( i don’t mean the hot from hot n sexy) so after a wild thought of consuming the product i looked at my watch which struck 9:30 PM and by bus would not reach here before 10:30 PM, it’s not my fault i reached early what would i do if the traffic was not of its daily standards ( iam sure a lot of people were on sick leave like they usually do on Fridays ). Before i forget let me get back to the samosa which was waiting for me and i could not ignore it anymore, so i decided to block the view of shop again only to be greeted happily this time with a mineral water bottle almost on my face followed with scream SAR SAAR COLD DRINKS ( but he still was holding a bottle of mineral water ) i did not care about what he was selling i ordered for a samosa n chai and and he sure gave me all that i asked him for but however the samosa did turn out cold and the chai was very sweet to me but i managed to drink it all and ate the cold to death samosa i knew nothing comes for Rs 10 in Bangalore , he said SAAR 12 Rupees (like i said nothing comes for Rs 10).

I was still standing and i saw a old man leaving his seat and a guy shamelessly jumped into the seat and rested his butt comfortably and ya the guy was me, after feeling the comfort i just hoped the old man would not return (if he does ill have do the good guy act n offer him his throne) , then suddenly like there was some plague in the area two more seats got vacant next to me and while i was giving a thought of shifting the seat ( just to feel not guilty about stealing the throne from a old guy),the seats got refilled by 2 Americans who had a lot of guide books like i had in my high school for every subject they did a deep research on goa and were planning the tour while all the people passing gave the woooo whaaa looks while i behaved like a good Indian in his best posture represented India for good behaviour ( in short for a change i was behaving weird ), just then i saw this man walking next to us who just threw away Indian fashion to the most stinky dustbin, he was wearing a yellow corduroy pant and a shirt with zebra like stripes of colour golden and black ( that was a visual torture to say the least). Time passed quite quickly than i expected and the bus was there waiting for its most prestigious passenger to arrive (a lil pat on my own back for being prestigious).

My seat number was 40 next to the window and i just seem to have missed the last row i felt lucky, i getting comfortable on my seat only to nice that the window of my seat was all blurred with scratches and all i could see is a 3D film without the glasses and then i leaned back only to find my shirt wet because of some leakage from the AC (i told me myself FELT LUCKY A LIL TOO EARLY grrrrr) then i managed the tourist attraction the water fall somehow with the blankets given, so now i did not have blankets for the actual purpose that showed in few moments as my teeth did some chattering sound without me ordering them to do so. Suddenly i remember a friend’s birthday and i made sure i had to stay awake till 12, i could not see out and strain my eyes, could not sit numb coz i would fall asleep, could not dance coz i did not have enough space to keep my legs dancing is never an option..And suddenly the person sitting next to me finds a good pillow to rest on, my shoulder. And he was quite happy using it like it was his @#$%%#%# property i tried moving my shoulder but the guy wouldn’t move and when i was doing this i see a huge dark guy sitting right behind me and so i could not use the luxury of push back in my seat, he wore a XXXL shirt so i did not see a point asking him to move his big belly or even get punched by him so spent the rest of the time cursing him and the other sticky stuck on my shoulder .i looked at my watch again that moved real slow like a snail in the wall ( i added the watch to my curse list).

Out of nowhere there was this huge roar i looked around n thought must be a mobile ring tone but then it repeated only to my surprise that the sound wasn’t a roar it was snore from the local back seat hulk ( i had answers for ..What can we do if Godzilla visits us again??... We have a matching roar to shhh it away) and the snore had a weird pattern, the sound went loud n then low n then a pause for like 5 sec giving you a hope that it’s the end it won’t happen again , however even before you finish your flowery thought you get kicked by a even louder snore and your hopes are brutally murdered while this continued the time was 12 :15 i thought i should call my friend n wish her and then i struggle to pickup my mobile from my pocket all thanks to the guy on my shoulder and the pushback seat luxury which the guy in front of me could use so he was kindda sleeping on my lap and my fingers struggle to reach my pocket and in the process of trying to pull the cell phone out my fingers loose grip and at 12 :30 in the night i was playing this game “feel n guess the object “ i got a shoe a water bottle a plastic bag all that and more before i found my mobile in the dark and final i called with the background score of Jurassic park, but my friend did not pick my call i called again and the same result again ( what a it truly her birthday ..ya it was, she had it as a part of her email id too)..then i quit calling her and had a good thought of getting some good sleep only if the hulk or the hybrid Tarzan stops his wild roar, all night i spent closing my ears with both the hands and did all possible things to put myself to sleep (no did not sing lori to myself) but the snore overpowered everything, and then came a moment the guy woke up and was getting down from the bus ( i thought i should have wished for million dollars but this one pleased me equally) i almost did the chicken dance and shouted yes yes yes yes there u go u looser in my mind( i still knew he wore XXXL shirt in the mind was perfect) and then the magic happens i get some good sleep and the sticky guy had sat straight giving my shoulders some rest, was all happy as things were falling into place and then the unthinkable happened the god of sleep hugged me tight . Just then my phone rings and my sleep i wake up with my eyes heavy too see the birthday gal had called me back to say thank you i cut short the talking and promised her to call next day in the morning .. and was soo sure nobody is gonna bother my sleep now and i remembered the Godzilla is now extinct so i could use the push back, i was even more happy to receive some luxury ( god just couldn’t see me happy for a sec that night ) the bus jumped over a pot hole on the road and a tumbler of water splashed on my face, thanks to the leakage ( all the stored water choose to leak all at once). tossed away all my hopes of a good sleep .just then the sticky guy finds my lap more comfortable than my shoulder and settles down there ....i did not sleep that night but made sure the sticky guy stayed away... this is exactly how it looks when all tht shouldn’t happen , happens. i'am sure someone upstairs beyond the clouds had his share of fun .


Kold Koffee said...

:D good read kaveer!

half-way through d post, i felt so mad at tat guy considering your shoulder n lap his best sleep options! true-all tat shudn't happen, sometyms happens at d same go!

p.s:this post bought back innumerous memories of my over-nite travels :D


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umapoems said...

I felt sad reading your post.The post is good with the picture of the shirt upside down like"if all does'nt go well"...good writing

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Lolland said...

Great format of the post - I was never bored reading it.

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kaveer rai said...

@umapoems wonderin why u were sad
@lolland thank ya

Rakesh @ Wizard Journal said...

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