Tuesday, April 13, 2010


i see a roof where the spiders web
where the birds nest
the floor where the dust shed
where the rodents rest

i hear the roof leak
wind blows and the door creak
i smell the empty air
the life saving tonic here n there

a far away wall crack shows sunshine n rain
weed grown on the broken window pane,
shows twinkles a glow worm at night
the creaking roof will rest on me is the only fright

yet i cant move to hold a dear
left have all the people who i called near
now iam just a old man with a broken back
counting my days to get into the sack

did not know once merry drunk will cost me so
driving back home i remember
life was cheers and lovely i remember
what i cant remember is what people say
i killed my family and this is how i pay

i survived the crash but lost my folks
wish i wasn’t drunk that day, on the rocks
i wouldn’t be on my bed on my birth day
miss the cake and candles they would have got me today



Chandrama said...

This one is really really well written.

Chintan said...

Very well written! Am a fan :)

Achyuth said...

The last two lines :O

Beautiful poem :D

Elena Vettorel said...

I wanted to ask your permission to copy your 'old man' photo, to not enfring any copyrights issues.
I'm a student of the University of Western Australia and I'm doing a project on longevity. Your image of the old man's face would add a fantastic feature to my project (it's like a journal article). So, I'm hereby asking permission to copy it, for my personal, non for profit use.
I really hope you'll let me.. thanks for your consideration.
Please get back to me on its_only_el@hotmail.com

Sam's playground said...

I'm mostly into prose, yet somehow picked this one to read first! Niiiice!! Write more, write more! :-D